About Me

My name is Christian Gohmann and I am working as an Oracle Senior Consultant at Trivadis GmbH in Düsseldorf (Germany). Beside the daily consultant business, I am trainer for our Oracle Architecture and Internal for DBAs (O-AI-DBA) course and tool owner of the platform-independant Oracle Backup and Recovery solution TVD-Backup, developed and distributed by Trivadis.

In 2006 I had my first contact with Oracle at my former employer. Since then I worked as an Oracle Consultant with the main focus on high availability solutions like Real Application Clusters and Data Guard, upgrade and migration projects and backup and recovery support for customers in different areas.

If I am not working with Oracle, I like to watch movies , try to improve my archery skills or go snowboarding.

Every statement I say or opinion I have are based on my own thoughts and intentions and may be different to the thoughts and intentions of my employer

I cannot give a warranty that the used statements or procedures are working in your environment. So please read the blog posts carefully and question the things I wrote. And of course test everything in a test environment before it goes to production.


You can contact me by posting a comment on this blog or by one of the following social media platforms.