tfactl fails on Solaris while using df

This is just a short blog post about a problem using Oracle Tracefile Analyzers commandline utility tfactl on Solaris.

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To check the available space, tfactl uses the df utility of the underlying operating system. Out of the box Solaris does not use a POSIX compliant version. This will lead to the following error, everytime tfactl calls df.

 $> tfactl set repositorydir=/data/tfa/repository 
 The minimum recommended repository size is 10 GB. 
 Do you wish to continue with current repository size ? [Y/y/N/n] [N] Y 
 df: unknown option: P 
 Usage: df [-F FSType] [-abeghklntVvZ] [-o FSType-specific_options] [directory | block_device | resource] 
 ERROR: Unable to check available space for /data/tfa/repository 
 Not enough space in filesystem to allocate 6015 MB to repository. 


To fix this issue, you have to install the SUNWxcu4 package, which includes a POSIX compliant version of df.

After the installation, you can either replace the default symbolic link /bin/df with /usr/xpg4/bin/df

$> rm /bin/df
$> ln -s /usr/xpg4/bin/df /bin/df

or add the directory to your PATH variable.

$> export PATH=/usr/xpg4/bin:$PATH

Now tfactl is working correctly.

$> tfactl set repositorydir=/data/tfa/repository
Successfully changed repository 
| Repository Parameter      | Value                      | 
| Old Location              | /app/oracle/tfa/repository | 
| New Location              | /data/tfa/repository       | 
| Current Maximum Size (MB) | 10240                      | 
| Current Size (MB)         | 0                          | 
| Status                    | OPEN                       | 

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